Moms and Dads

Each of our adult dogs has been chosen very carefully and their parents were chosen carefully as well.

We pride ourselves in making sure our adult dogs are of the highest quality in both looks and health. This is what makes buying a puppy from us the right choice. Our adults are listed below and you can find out about each dog and their lives and age. They are all amazing and we wouldn’t trade any of them for anything in the world.



This is Miss Holly and she is a  Frenchie bulldog. She is a dark brindle and white female with a lot of black on her. Also, she has a sweet personality


This is Miss Honey and she is a English bulldog, she is a light red and white color, she has a short body and short legs. She has a very sweet personality also.


This is Miss Layla and she is a female Frenchie bulldog. she is very short legged and short bodied, with a bashful personality.


This is Miss Lilac and she is an English bulldog,  she is a very short legged and short bodied English bulldog female,with a bashful personality


This is Miss Mollie; she is an English bulldog and she is a short-legged girl with a short body. But she has a huge head (she’s out of Tanks stock) she is a red and white girl. With a very sweet personality.


This is Miss Peaches and she is a English bulldog,  she is a dark red and white girl with a lot of life, she likes to play 😊. She is very playful and outgoing; she also has a sweet personality too.


This is Miss Peppermint and she is a Frenchie bulldog, she is a beautiful piebald she has a very sweet personality and she loves her babies.


This is our male,  his name is Rebel and he is a Frenchie bulldog. He is a beautiful blue brindle and white boy. Feel free to let me know if you want to use him, we can have his semen shipped to your vet.479-629-0748.


This is Miss Vanilla and she is a English bulldog, she is a beautiful fawn and white female English Bulldog. She has a very sweet personality and is a very gentle dog.


This is Cosmic and he is a male English bulldog, he is a beautiful dark red and white male English bulldog. He has a very sweet personality, if you are interested in using one of our males as a stud service please give me a call or text 479-629-0748.