About Us

We want to make sure you get your next family member that has high quality as well as loving personality. This is why we raise our babies with our grandkids and make sure they are used to being around other dogs and get to socialize on a daily basis. We want your family member to come home ready to become a part of your forever family and bond right away. Your family and the addition of one our beautiful and sweet tempered bulldogs is very important to us; we want to make your family complete with the addition of a beautiful an amazing English bulldog puppy.

The English bulldog is a strong and sound breed. They bring joy and fun to any family. They do not require a lot of exercise so they are perfect dog for apartments, condos, or even farms. They protect their pack. Adding a bulldog to any family is sure to add not only a lot of laughs but love.

Bulldog puppies are not only cute and sweet they like to play hard. They start getting really in touch with their human families and bond very quickly which helps with the detachment many breeds have from their families. Bulldog puppies normally are not part of a huge litter. The puppies are normally tiny and can fit in the palm of your hand but they quickly grow into a beautiful dog with wrinkles and a lazy yet funny attitude. Below you will find out a little about the English Bull dog breed.

History of the Bulldog

Bulldogs began around the 5th Century and were much different than the bulldog you see today. They were originally bred to help farmers control cattle and horses. In fact, they were long legged and lean bodies much like the boxer. The bulldog was bred to be extremely smart and able to retain its training. Breeding in England and America made a smaller bulldog with a wider body and a much more flat face. This also has helped the dog become a good and constant companion for all families whether those working or those who do not work. These dogs make great family pets.

History of French bulldog

When we think of the French bulldog, we assume they are from France however, that is a common misconception. The breed originated in England in the late 18th Century. During this time, the English bulldog was bred with smaller dogs to create this amazing toy version of the English bulldog. The French bulldog became popular fast as it was a lap dog unlike its Cousin the English bulldog. Lace-workers of Nottingham loved this dog and they were stay close to them and keep them company as they worked long hours.

Please reach out to us anytime if you have questions after receiving your new puppy/Family member at your home. We are able to talk you about any concerns or simply questions you may have just to make sure your puppy is a great fit for you and your household. We want to make sure this process is as seamless as possible. You, your family and your new puppy deserve the move love and care that we can provide in order to make sure you are getting the right puppy to fit your busy and awesome lifestyle.